Capital Consulting Engineers offers cost effective and innovative solutions in structural design, drafting, procurement, project management, commissioning and quality assurance.

Structural Capabilites

  • Structural Design and Certification
  • Derivation of practical concepts from experienced knowledge and “know-how” to support Client’s preferred bounds for solution
  • Detailed structural design utilising leading computer modelling, including SpaceGass and CAD software
  • Liaison with relevant public sector authorities to satisfy statutory and industry sector requirements
  • Conformance site inspections during execution phase to ensure design compliance
  • Performance monitoring of completed facility to ensure Client’s satisfaction
  • Analysis of existing structures
  • Condition and Integrity Audits
  • Consultation

Some of the projects we have undertaken include:

  • CHPP Upgrade, complete fines ciruit including
  • Analysis of existing building to assess wind load strength and suitability for relocation
  • Design of large, clear span, patio structure
  • Underground mine portal seal structures
  • Residential house major renovation

For Structural Designs and Drafting we use the following software packages:

  • Bricscad 2d Modelling and drafting
  • Bricscad 3d- Modelling – Parametric and Mechanical
  • Spacegass Structural Analysis